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Construct Professional Report on International Business Methods Operations – Financial Management Assignment Help

Internal Code: 1IFCB


Requirement: You are required to construct a professional report based on international business  methods and finance options available in international business operations. The report should not only focus on finance options but also discuss various risks associated with finance and financial instruments, country risks, international business methods. It is expected that the international business methods, risks and each finance option must be applied to the company in question, your discussion must be evaluated and analysed from professional financial management and international business perspective to enrich your readers understanding. Your discussion and analysis may include the following: making choices among the available international business methods, how various risks associated with international business could be mitigated, the drivers of each of the finance options, advantages and disadvantages of one option to another, processes that options may involve. You are expected to do a very good critical analysis focusing on the sensitivities on choice of international business method, foreign exchange, political and other risks associated with project execution.

This report is an applied piece of work, which requires considerable analysis, evaluation and synthesis in a concise manner. It should be strongly founded in international business and financial management and whilst it utilizes theories and concepts, it must be practical with the aim of providing the reader with direction. You will need to approach the assignment from finance and management perspective, and undertake and incorporate extensive research in to your report.


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