COM10001: Effective Communication: Essay Writing Assignment

Internal Code: MAS697

Essay Writing Assignment:


This assessment provides an opportunity for you to integrate your learning from the unit overall and demonstrate your ability to apply that knowledge to two areas of communication. To complete this assessment you will need to draw upon content from Topics, as well as the knowledge gained from earlier topics in this unit.
Choose two of the following:
• Communication within families
• Communication with children
• Communication within groups
• Communication within organisations
Discuss the key concepts of communication that are important in relation to your chosen areas. Include a consideration of cultural elements within each of these two chosen areas. Use relevant academic literature to support your discussion.
This assessment should be written in an essay format. A minimum of 8 different academic sources should be used within the essay, and may include the Study Guide, any of the unit Readings and other relevant academic journal articles or books. You are encouraged to access the Library databases to source academic journal articles but please do not cite general websites – do not use Wikipedia and do not use non-academic general websites because these are generally not peer reviewed.
Marking criteria
1. Evidence of understanding of key issues relating to first choice of communication area (30%)
2. Evidence of understanding of key issues relating to second choice of communication area (30%)
3. Discussion of cultural elements with communication (15%)
4. Use of relevant academic literature to support arguments (15%)
5. Overall presentation, including an appropriate introduction and conclusion, clear written expression, correct grammar and spelling, and appropriate referencing (10%)
(Instruction email from my tutor: You need to consider ways of communicating with these groups: e.g. how do you communicate with children; and how do families communicate with each other and how can you support them to improve their communication? These are the key concepts. Go back and look at the power point slides for these lectures and note which points have been featured. Also make sure you read the suggested readings for these two topics. Earlier material is also important such as active listening.)


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