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COIT20253: Business Intelligence using Big Data – Analysis of Business Data – Assignment Help

Business Intelligence using Big Data – Analysis of Business Data


The ability of Business Intelligence (BI) technologies to provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations based on the collection, extraction, and analysis of business data to improve decision has been the basis of several studies. More recently, “Big Data” and “Big Data Analytics” have further stirred the interest of researchers and practitioners alike. You have been requested to prepare a report for a particular industry such as Healthcare Industry; Agriculture Industry; Higher Education; Insurance Industry; Banking, Marketing, Travel, Technology, Government, to name few.

Individual students are required to choose one industry of their choice. The report should be well researched and written in accordance with Harvard referencing style. The assignment will be marked out of a total of 100 marks and forms 35% of the total assessment for the unit. ALL assignments will be checked for plagiarism by Turnitin. You have been requested to prepare a report. Your target audience is business executives, who have extensive business experience but limited ICT knowledge. They would like to be informed as to how new Big Data may be beneficial for their business.

Please note that standard report structure, including an executive summary, must be adhered to.
The main body of the report should include the following topics.
1. Data Collection and Storage
Data collection system (what kind of data should be collected and how) Storage system (what are the requirements of the storage and how to achieve them)
2. Data in Action
Consumer-centric product design (what is it and how to do it) Recommendation system (what is it and how to do it)
3. Business continuity
How online business can survive in case of power outage or other disasters. The length of the assignment is 3000 words. You are required to do extensive reading of more than 10 appropriate and relevant chosen topics in Big Data application. Please do in-text referencing of all chosen


readings. Newspaper and magazine reports should be limited to a maximum of 2. A comprehensive report
covering all key aspects of the topic selected is required. Report should be extremely well supported with
relevant case studies. Any assumptions made are clearly noted. DO NOT use Wikipedia as a reference. The use
of unqualified references will result in the deduction of marks.
The report structure should be clear, easy to read and logical, directly addressing the questions. Suitable
headers should be used throughout the report. Good use of graphics and charts should be made.

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