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COIT20251 Assessment 1 e-Journal: Mahara Webpages - Business Analytics Assignment Help

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Business Analytics Assignment


This assessment task is also designed to assess your ability to develop the required graduate attributes of knowledge, communication skills, cognitive skills, technical skills, creative skills, research, self-management, ethical behaviours and professional responsibility, stipulated in the unit profile. Therefore, you should

  • reflect on the topics you read

  • research and get additional readings as required

  • write clearly using correct grammar, structure, and formatting

  • follow the requirements and submit in time

  • avoid plagiarism Assessment Task

Mahara keeps track of work each postgraduate student performs in various units. Upon graduation, a student can easily export all such assessment contents showcasing achievement work for future use.

In this assessment, you have to create an e-journal using a software tool named Mahara. You need to hit the Mahara printer image at the bottom of your Mahara webpage to obtain a pdf file for submission and marking purposes. When printing a collection from your Mahara webpage to a PDF file, Mahara may append a very long site name together with ‘Central Queensland University’ to the collection name, please override such pdf name with ‘A1_StdID_StdName’ when saving. From the related weekly sections provided in the unit Moodle website, complete readings in the weekly sections Week 1 and Week 2 for tasks 1, 2, 3 and 4, and Week 3 and Week 4 for topics 5, 6 and 7. Complete the readings suggested for these 7 tasks as outlined below, before developing your journal entry in each related week into your e-journal in Mahara. In your reading, you need to analyse the issues involved. Try to jot down key points when reading through a concept. Using your learned concepts, your prior knowledge and related work experience, write down what you have found as missing or doubtful in the topic discussions, e.g. which idea discussed in a specific topic reading was not OK or is currently weak that needs improvement in your opinion. You also write why, what and how you see it needs to improve, when going through each reading.

  1. The core competencies (according to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge 

    (BABOK) that a business analyst should have;

  1. The critical skills that organisations need a business analyst to possess in order to successfully design and develop a new technology or for technological redevelopment;

  2. The models that can be used for strategy formulation analysing the external and internal 


  3. The relationship between organisational strategy and knowledge audit plan;

  4. Leadership and team building skills required by a Business Analyst;

  5. Key processes involved in understanding the business context; and

  6. Briefly describe the suitability and appropriateness of four of the investigation 

    techniques in requirement elicitation.

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