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COIT20247 :Database Design And Development – Data Modelling – ER Model Assignment Help

Database Design And Development


ER model

1 . According to the ER model given above, answer either yes or no to the following questions:

  • Does every member have arental activity?
  • Has every car everbeen rented?
  • Is the relationship between Location and Rental modelled as a many to many relationship?
  • Are there any other possible typesof car?

2 . Convert the ER model given in Part A into a set of relations that satisfy Third Normal Form (3NF). You do not need to show your workings. You do not need to juvtify that they are in 3NF at this stage. You do not need to show sample data. Just show your relations. You should write your relations in either format shown below:

udent (StudentID, StudentName, DateOfBirth) Enrolment (EnrolmentID, StudentID, DateOfEnrolment) or:

Student (StudentID, StudentName, DateOfBirth)

Enrolment (EnrolmentID, StudentID, DateOfEnrolment) Foreign key (StudentID) references Student

3 .

The following relation is designed to include a rental activity as described in Part A. You may assume that the combination of member’s licence number and car Identification number uniquely identifies each row/tuple in the relation. Examine the relation and answer the questions that follow.

Relational model and Normalivation

If the information of car make “Honda” is deleted from the relation, justify what type anomalywill

 What is the highest normal form that this relation satisfiesand why?

 Normalise the relation into a set of relations that satisfy 3NF using theformat

as follows:

Relation 1 (ID1, Abc, Def,…….) Relation 2 ( ID2 , ID1, Hij, Klm,…..)

Foreign key (ID1) references Relation 1


How many proposals did each expert review? Show the expert’s ID, name, expertise and the number of proposal reviewed. Order the result by expert’s first name.

Databave Devign and Development

Show the details of researchers who have never submitted a proposal.

researchers who have never submitted a proposal.

Show details of proposals that have been reviewed but don’t have any recommendation.


proposals that have been reviewed


Show the researcher’s name and expertise as well as the requested funding, whose proposal has the highest amount of requested funding among all proposals.

 researcher’s name

Show the experts’ names and number of proposals reviewed by them, who reviewed more than one proposal.

Databave Devign and Development


Briefly explain what is meant by referential integrity constraint.

What is meant by normalization of relations? Why is it necessary to perform normalization during the database development?

Differentiate ‘data warehouse’ from ‘data mart’.

Briefly discuss the two important goals of a distributed database: Local autonomy and Location transparency.

Explain the difference between an exclusive lock and a shared lock.

Briefly discuss each of the typical backup facilities in a modern database management system.

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