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COIT13231: Enterprise Analysis & Modelling- Facilitation & Elicitation: Enterprise Business Analysis- Portfolio Making Assignment

Internal Code: 1HAHF

Portfolio Making Assignment:


You are to conduct a search of the interneton the topic Facilitation & Elicitation”

You should review the items you find and select a minimum of 5 items and link them to your portfolio.

You are not to upload files from the internet, as you do not own copyright, and if you do, this will be plagiarism. You are to use links to your items only.

You may include items from YouTube, and your own work that you produce in the tutorials. Your portfolio should capture rich ideas, resources and innovative practice around workflow enterprise business analysis within the frame of the topic.

You are to write a brief discussion as why you chose the items you did, and why you thought the items chosen are appropriate.

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