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COIT13146: System and Network Administration – Information System Assignment

Internal Code: MAS3829

Information System Assignment:

You are required to setup and install a small network and set of servers to support a small company, which operates a tomato packing plant. The plant has 10 permanent employees and around 25 part-time and casual employees. Of the 10 permanent employees, 5 work full-time in the office and already have a fully configured networked workstation computer each. On high-capacity networked laser printer serves the entire plant. The company requires a forward facing (connected to the Internet) Web Server that is located onsite in the main office. The
National Broadband Network has just been enabled in the area so a high-speed Internet connection is now available. An existing computer, Wally, used by permanent employees to store various documents (spreadsheets, databases, etc), will need to be integrated as the File Server into the new network. Wally runs Microsoft Windows or MacOS* as the operating system and is backed up daily via physically attached high-speed tape drive with proprietary driver software. All new servers should mount a shared space on Wally to save backups to. These will then form part of the backup process already operating on the Wally server. *if you are not using windows or mac as your host OS (hosting
VirtualBox with your VM’s) you can use whichever you do have, e.g. Linux.

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