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CMN276: Social Media- Citizen Journalism- Blog Writing Assignment

Internal Code: MAS1087

Blog Writing Assignment:

Task: Blogging Project (1500 words)

Pick a topic covered in the lectures.

Write three posts exploring different aspects of that topic.

Format: each post must contain:

1. A succinct and relevant headline

2. An image (captioned with its source)

3. A professional yet conversational tone

4. In-text links to three different, relevant online sources

5. Three relevant tags

6. References if citing offline sources

7. Encouragement to readers to continue discussion

Each blog post will be assessed using the following criteria:
1. Competent demonstration of Content Management System (WordPress)

2.Clear communication using blogging writing style to explore chosen topic.

3.Adherence to the assigned format (see previous slide)

4.Evidence of research and content curation

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