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Christians Should be Lifelong Learners and Critical Thinkers – Annotated Bibliography Assignment Help

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Annotated Bibliography Assignment Help


Assessment Details: Research the topic of the essay and write an Annotated Bibliography using 8 relevant, scholarly books and/or journal articles (approx. 190 words per source). An annotated bibliography is a normal bibliography, but underneath each reference you write a short paragraph about why this reference is useful in researching your topic, noting any weaknesses of the reference as well. See Moodle for examples of an Annotated Bibliography.

Note: ALL sources used must be relevant, scholarly sources and peer reviewed. Please see the Moodle shell for information on how to access academic books and journals. Websites and newspapers (for example) are NOT appropriate and you will receive a ZERO GRADE if non-academic sources are used.

The essay question to be addressed depends on what faculty you belong to, choose the question based on your award. If you are doing a combined or double degree, you can pick from the two options provided by your awards:

Theology, Bible & Ministry Students

(Use Turabian 8th Edition Referencing)

Discuss: “Christians should be lifelong learners and critical thinkers.”



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