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CHCECE005: Provide Care for Babies and Toddlers - Healthcare

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Healthcare Assignment

Scenario: Sleep Routine The educator recognizes and accommodates the specific sleep/rest patterns of babies and toddlers. Molly’s parents informed the educator, Sue, that when Molly (6 months) is tired she rubs her eyes and cries. When she is settling for a sleep, she likes to hold the satin edge of a baby blanket. After lunchtime Sue notices Molly is restless and rubbing her eyes. She picks Molly up and says, “Are you sleepy Molly?” Molly snuggles into Sue’s shoulder. As Sue changes Molly’s nappy, she talks softly to her. Sue sits in the lounge with Molly in her lap and gives Molly her bottle. Molly holds the bottle and Sue sing Molly’s favorite song. Question 1) In the scenario ‘Sleep Routine’, how has the educator demonstrated quality care practices in relation to the family’s individual routine for Molly? Scenario: Individual Routine Sara (9 months) has been in care for two months. Whenever she is placed in a cot she begins screaming. She pulls herself to a standing position and sometimes flings herself backward, arching her back as she screams. Question: 1) In the scenario ‘Individual Routine’, list the behaviors that indicate Sara is unhappy when placed in the cot. 2) What should the educator do to comfort Sara? 3) Identify how the educator can involve the family in developing a better sleep routine for Sara? 4) Identify how the educator can involve the family in developing a better sleep routine for Sara? Scenario: Planning for Development Educators are sensitive to toddlers emerging skills and plan an environment that is predictable and allows children to practice their new skills. Ben (18 months) has been attempting routine tasks such as hand washing and becomes upset, saying ‘Me do’, if the educator attempts to help. To encourage him, the educator has ensured the soap and paper hand towels are easily accessible. She also puts up photographs of ‘hand washing’ over the taps. She talks to Ben about each step in hand washing and allows plenty of time for practice. 1) How has the educator supported Ben’s attempts to gain new skills and providing an environment to support skill development? 2) What physical indicators may a baby or toddler display that shows they are tired and in need of sleep and rest? 3) SIDS and Kids is the recognized national authority on safe sleeping practices for infants and children. Describe the meaning of SIDS. 4) List the recommendations for safe sleep environments and practices for infants in child care programs. 5) Providing an environment that is conducive to rest can be assisted by adjusting lighting and noise conditions. What are four strategies that you can use to manage light and noise?   6)  Sensory stimulation is food for the brain of babies and toddlers. Provide two examples of how bright colors, novelty, and stimulation can affect brain development. 7) Hutchins and Sims (1999) suggest four strategies to support attachment in child care settings. List each strategy and explain the meaning. 8) List nine key qualities that should be included in daily routines for babies and toddlers to support their social, emotional, language and physical care needs. 9) What does the National Quality Standard (NQS) aim to achieve with Element 2.1.2?    
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