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Assignment Task:

Assessment Task:

Provide a comprehensive written response to the following questions using research, learning materials from lectures, required readings and appropriate referencing:  

1a) Explain how you might go about establishing rapport and building trust with an individual as a new client.  In your response give 3 examples of verbal communication techniques and 3 examples of non-verbal communication techniques.

1b) Describe the principles of person-centred counselling.

2a) Discuss the purpose of the counselling process including the objectives and stages of the counselling interview.

2b) Explain how counselling has evolved as a helping relationship in community services?

 Discuss how to respond to each of the following as presenting issues in a counselling session and provide one option for referral for each issue:
alcohol and other drugs
domestic and family violence
financial difficulty
mental illness
problem gambling   

Explain 6 legal and ethical considerations for the initial stages of counselling, and how these are applied in practice? Make sure you include human rights, work role boundaries and contract requirements in your answer.

How would you address and/or explain the following with a new client who presents with a hearing impairment? Please explain yourself thoroughly and provide examples of the steps you would take prior to taking on a new client that is hearing impaired and requires an interpreter to be present for the initial counselling session with you.  If need, create a dialogue with at least three sentences for the client, interpreter and counsellor explaining the following:
the assessment process
client expectations
privacy, confidentiality and disclosure
work health and safety
duty of care
rights and responsibilities of worker, interpreter and client

Read the following scenario and create a counselling plan for the client. Include one appropriate referral for Troy in your counselling plan.

Troy is a middle-aged male experiencing domestic and family violence. Troy is 60 years of age.  Troy presented as neatly dressed, clean shaven and his hair had been recently brushed.  Troy mentioned he is currently unemployed and lives with his wife and 2 adult daughters. He said he is in a home’s-west home and his residence is in a low socio-economic suburb. Troy appeared to be distressed and was emotional a few times during the session. Troy is currently unemployed and isolated.  Troy wants to address family safety and connect with other people his own age.

Effective communication, and therefore the counselling process, can be obstructed or facilitated by various factors about the individuals involved, the relationship between them and the environment they are in. Please explain one potential barrier AND one potential resolution for each of the following categories when working in a counselling context:



individual perceptions






Explain the three primary ways that people absorb information and how this could potentially impact on your communication with clients while both sending and receiving information 

Describe the following three specialised counselling techniques and provide an example of how a counsellor might use them with a client.   

clients to guide them through the counselling process:

body language 
attending behaviours 
providing client feedback. 

Explain the importance of understanding your own values and beliefs as a counsellor and provide two examples of how your values and/or beliefs could impact your work with clients?  

Being able to self-evaluate your practice is essential for counsellors. Provide two means of self-evaluation PLUS analyse how these processes can assist you in developing your counselling skills and knowledge.

Discuss the principles of trauma informed care and the impacts of trauma and stress on the ability for clients to communicate and engage in the counselling process.


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