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CHC62015 : Community Sector Management – Management Assignment

Internal Code – MAS3870

Management Assignment

Questions :

1. What is collaborative care?

2.Explain the following principle of networking “Build Partnerships Based on Trust, Not Control.”

3.Access the Department of Human Services ‘Guiding Principles’ on collaboration and explain the Collaboration Spectrum model.

4.What are some legal considerations required when entering into a partnership? Provide three (3) examples.

5.Explain how intellectual property and copyright is managed in a collaborative partnership.

6.Provide five (5) examples of when client information may be required for disclosure.

7.Access and review The Peninsula Model for Primary Health Planning pdf and list the different layers and levels within the model.

a) Who is one of the governing bodies within the model?

b) What are the health priorities?

c) Who are the alliances?

d) Who exists within the delivery layer?

e) Which layer are the employees, finances and policies?

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