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CHC52015: Cluster 4 Research & Sociology- Homelessness in Australia- Annotated Bibliography Writing Assignment

Internal Code: 1HJHI

Annotated Bibliography Writing Assignment:


In this assessment, you are required to undertake research to enable you to complete this assessment task. You need to address all aspects of this assessment

Topic for research:

The research report will focus on homelessness in Australia. The research needs to look at the long-term effects that homelessness may have on individuals. You will need to produce a report on your findings. The report needs to address the following questions.

The body of your report needs to address the following questions:
1. Discuss the overall statistics of homelessness in Australia and then state by state

2. Select a specific target group and provide the homelessness statistics for this group across each state and territory of Australia. Discuss your findings A target group could be: young people (you need to specify the age bracket, people with disabilities, the elderly, women, children, etc.)

3. Describe and discuss four (4) main causes of homelessness for the selected target group

4. Describe and discuss four (4) long-term impacts of homelessness on the selected target group

5. Identify three (3) organisations that work with the target group and discuss how they may assist them to overcome homelessness

To assist you in completing this assessment there are many resources available online to watch. The ABC and SBS have produced a number of documentaries in the last few years and these would be beneficial to watch, as they are Australian based content. There are also a number of reports that have been produced by the Australian government, which will also assist you in completing this assessment.


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