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C&E Communications (C&E) – Human resource management Assignment

Internal Code: MAS4047

Human resource management Assignment:

C&E Communications (C&E) is a telecommunication company established in Australia, Brisbane in 2013. The company provides a wide range of telecom services such as; mobile phone, wireless internet and fixed broadband services to Small and Medium Businesses. C&E had the vision to expand globally and because of their ultimate success in the local market, in late 2015 C&E entered the international market with a special interest in the UAE. This was due to the expansion of the telecom business in the UAE (Wansink 2016). The company operates in Australia with a total number of 53 employees, and in UAE with a total number of 18 with 14 expatriates and 4 Emiratis. In response to the expansion IHRM took on expatriate training, which increases the importance of giving a Cross- Cultural Training. The company started to offer their services in Dubai in mid-2016, and they assumed because they have superior products and experienced employees in Australia, the success in the UAE will be definite and easily task to accomplish. However, after short period C&E’s IHRM have faced several challenges related to expatriates performance and ability to work in different culture. For example, some C&E expatriates were unable to function at full potential, few have returned and left many business tasks incomplete, other expatriates have become demotivated about their current job, and high level of anxiety and depression among expatriates.


1- What are the current CCT programs provided by C&E to its expatriates in UAE?

2- What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current C&E CCT?

3- How effective is the current CCT provided by C&E?

4- How can C&E improve the effectiveness of its CCT to its expatriates to work in the UAE?



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