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Can you Sleep Without Dreaming? – Essay

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Sleep in human beings are divided into different categories
Rapid eye moment (REM)
Noneye rapid moment (NREM)
NREM is further considered into for different stages :
In this stage, the body is in half sleep and seems like the body is relieved. REM is a stage where most of the dreaming occurs and the human body remembers these dreams as well. In this stage, the human body is in the maximum level of sleep which that result dreaming.


Elm and dreaming: 

Spontaneous eyelid moments (ELMS) are related to stages of dreaming. In NREM stages ELMS moment is rapid and faster whereas no ELM effects are observed in REM. Sleep may because of the minimum level of sleep. According to researcher R.N Sell conducted that body recalls the dreaming. In REM stage dreams are remembered more as compared to the stage 2 sleep. Brain feeling emotions or response to something happening plays a major role in dreaming activity during sleep. Age and dreaming: Age and dreaming had a common relationship between them. With different age groups, the human body reacts differently to the same situation. Brain activities are different as well in different age groups. According to researcher Calvin Kai-Ching Yu, near about 18% of Chinese youth wouldn’t be accepted to dream any more than once a month. Whereas average Chinese people claim to dream two or three times a week some of their dreams repeated as well.


Dreaming while sleeping is a natural phenomenon of the human body. Body dreams about activities which are blocked by nerves of the brain such as death, shocks, and uncommon events. Some of them are remembered by the body on awake and some are not. Different age groups had different types of dreams because every age group, thinks perfectly and their reaction to incident or event is different also.

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