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Task: This assessment piece requires you to critically analyse a selected case study (as per the tutorial guide -LearnJCU). Each case is based on a real world organization/situation. Your task will be to undertake secondary research (and in some cases, limited primary research) in relation to the consumer behaviour case questions, explain and apply relevant consumer behaviour theories and concepts to the case study and present your findings. Class participation through questions and discussion will provide excellent revision of the topic and help prepare you for the final examination. It will be important that you attend the tutorial in Week 2 as case studies will be assigned and group formation facilitated. Presentation guidelines and grading criteria will be discussed. How to get started In the first tutorial (session 2), your group will be assigned a consumer behaviour case study. Refer to the tutorial activity schedule for the specific question(s). Your task will involve the following: 1. Read the consumer behaviour case study and related questions on the tutorial schedule. 2. Read the related chapter(s) to gain a sound understanding of the conceptual area that the question(s) address; 3. Undertake additional secondary research - other credible internet sources, textbooks, academic journal articles, newspapers, marketing magazines etc., to enrich your knowledge of the topic 4. Draft some initial solutions to the case questions including additional questions you may want to raise at your group meeting; 5. Some case studies may require primary research - interviews, observations etc. Direct quotes from the primary research could be used in the case to provide depth to your analysis and evaluation. NOTE: you are not required to undertake a formal piece of marketing research as no ethics approval has been granted. Please be aware of privacy issues - if you ask your participants any identification information (name, address etc) you are not permitted to disclose this information. Refer to participants in the report as participant 1, participant 2, etc. 1. Each member of the team is expected to present; your team will be stopped if you go overtime. 2. Notes can be used to assist you when presenting but do not read from your notes or the slides The presentation should have: 1. Introduction – Case study, topic, team members; layout of the presentation 2. Address question(s) – consider the best order so that a cohesive & logical presentation is delivered. 3. Ensure that you explain, apply and integrate the consumer behaviour theory/concepts when addressing the case questions. Linking theory into the analysis is important. You may need to present recommendations (justified). 4. Conclusion – draw together the main points 5. Based on your presentation prepare one question to pose to the class to generate further discussion on this topic. 6. If not in a group, then the individual student is expected to address one (1) case study question.
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