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BUSM4184: Luxury Brand Management- Hermes- Reflective Essay Writing Assignment

Internal Code: 4ADE

Reflective Essay Writing Assignment:


Prepare a reflective essay which rigorously covers the elements described below.

Ensure to reflect the papers offered this semester along with other salient research to support and enrich your findings.Please use any other pertinent peer review papers offered. Adopt the position of luxury brand consultant when offering data to the brand and other participating parties, in the local and international contexts.

Chapter 1.

Define what contemporary luxurymeans, in a fashion (etc.,) context.

Chapter 2.

Select a luxury brand anddetermine its:

  • history
  • market position
  • nature & profile
  • size & scope
  • perceived customer profile (within a global and local marketplace) 

Chapter 3.

Select a newtrading environment for this luxury brand…physical or virtual?

Determine and justify a country; more specifically a city in which your brand could trade.

Determine the countries:

  • economic position
  • size & demographics
  • psychographics
  • existing luxury market

Chapter 4.

How could this brand strategically trade in its new environment?

  • collaborations
  • five star hotel engagement
  • alliance with local luxury craftspeople
  • elite social strata activities

Chapter 4.1

Consider the communication strategies you would adopt to best position the brand for success. Consider virtual communication in your response.

Chapter 5.

Recommendations to the luxury brand.

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