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BUSM1278: Case Study - Project Management Practice - Management Report Writing Assignment Help

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Project Management Practice - Case Study 

This assignment has one component:
  • Read and understand the enclosed case study With reference to the case study, PMBOK 6th ed, and good project management practice, answer any 2 of the 5 questions located at the end of the case study.
  • Task: Write a management report You are a project management consultant employed to report to the Executive team. The answers must:
  • Be in a report format to the Executive management team.
  • Address the questions from a management perspective.
  • Include the relevant project management theory and suitable diagrams and models as necessary.
  • Include (academic) references to support your argument/answer.
  • Remember the audience is the senior (executive) leadership team who are NOT project or technology literate so you should use appropriate business language and refrain from using technical jargon.

Questions: All questions are of equal marks, answer part (a) and (b) of the selected questions.

  1. Based on the information provided in this case;

  2. The project does not have a project charter, describe the purpose of a project charter, when and how a charter is developed, and how the use of a charter may have assisted in the management of the project b. Design (draw) a high-level work break down structure (WBS) for the project, explain 

    why a WBS is an important tool in managing a project, and provide a high level project scope statement based from the WBS and an explanation why a scope statement is necessary.

  3. Based on the information provided in this case; 

  4. Explain the concept and purpose of project governance, describe how project 

    governance could have been implemented into Ron’s project (a diagram may be useful) and note what difference it may have made to the management of the project. b. Discuss the concept of project scope, change, schedule, and procurement management 

    and their relationship to project governance.

  5. Based on the information provided in this case; 

  6. In terms of stakeholder management, identify the project’s key stakeholders and 

    explain the importance of each stakeholder to the project and place the stakeholders on a stakeholder map, b. Discuss the linkages between the stakeholder management plan and the 

    communications management plan, discuss the pros and cons of having a project communications plan. 

  7. Based on the information provided in this case; 

  8. Discuss the purpose and importance of a risk management plan, identify, analyse, and 

    categorise the key risks to the project, describe a suitable response(s) (treatment) to each identified risk. Also describe the relationship between risks and issues. b. In terms of the risk management processes, describe the relationship between risk 

    management, scope management, project change management, and stakeholder management. 

  9. Based on the information provided in this case; 

  10. With reference to PMBOK 6th edition explain the role of a project manager and the 

    knowledge areas and how they contribute towards a successful project outcome. b. Discuss the authority of the project manager and their relationship with the key 

    stakeholders, explain the pros and cons of using a stakeholder management plan and its relationship with the communications plan. 

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