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BUSL250: Business and Corporations Law – MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY

Internal Code: MAS5437

Media Reflection Assignment


Timing, venue or form of assessment may change if this is necessary as a result of unit structure, reorganisation or University scheduling adjustments. If there is any change to the forms of assessment students will be notified in lectures and on iLearn.

Assessed Coursework [20%] – tutorials should be used by students to test their understanding of the unit in an environment where immediate feedback is available from the tutor – students should be prepared for tutorials and any materials that are relevant to the tutorial should be considered prior to the tutorial (this includes any tutorial questions that will be dealt with). Students must be engaged with the issues relevant to the tutorial and be involved in tutorial activities, particularly, responding to, and asking, questions – being active is an important aspect of both study and professional practice and tutorials will be of more benefit to all students if each individual is willing to participate – the mark for assessed coursework includes the aspect of attendance in that students who do not attend obviously do not participate and this will be reflected in their mark – participation though, is more than mere attendance.


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