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Assignment Task


Funtastic Entertainment is owned and operated by Phil Colls. The business is registered as a sole trader and its main function is to perform to young children in entertainment venues across New South Wales. Phil is seeking to expand his business. Write a business report to the owner. In Your report:

  • Explain the advantages of expanding his business from a sole trader to a partnership, private company or public company.
  • Explain how the choice of legal structure will impact on the owner’s obligations to his creditors.



  • Headings and sub-headings which reflect the contents of each section.
  • The body section explains and develops the material in a logical and coherent manner, reflecting the structure outlined in the Executive Summary.
  • It contains a description of the findings and a discussion of them. It should also relate the findings to any theory of relevance.
  • This section is the longest part of the report. The material must be presented logically.
  • The type of headings you use to organise the information in the body of your report will depend on the purpose of the report you are preparing.
  • Make sure the headings and sub-headings you choose are informative.
  • Use headings and sub-headings.
  • Get these headings from your question, as they change from question to question.
  • There are no set headings you must use for this.
  • You can use dot points.
  • Use diagrams tables and graphs where necessary.
  • Be clear and concise. Use direct language.


Define what a partnership is….


  • Low start up costs….
  • Shared responsibility….
  • More capital….
  • Tax benefits….
  • Succession of business….
  • Minimal government regulation….
  • Shared ideas


Obligations to creditors
Private company
What a private company is…..


  • Limited liability…
  • Invitation of investors…
  • More capital…
  • Shares are not sold on stock market…
  • Longevity of business…
  • Maintain control…


Obligations to creditors
Public Company
What a public company is….


  • Limited liability…
  • Company is listed on the stock exchange…
  • More capital…
  • Shares are sold on stock market…capital is easier to raise
  • Longevity of business…
  • Control of business…
  • Information on company is published…


Obligations to creditors


  • States the major inferences that can be drawn from the discussion and makes recommendations
  • The conclusion summarises the major inferences that can be drawn from the information presented in the report. Ensure your final recommendation is aimed at the audience of the report.
  • It answer the questions raised by the original research problem or stated purpose of the report and states the conclusions reached.
  • Finally, the conclusion of your report should also attempt to show ‘what it all means’: the significance of the findings reported and their impact.
  • The conclusion/s presented in a report must be related to, resulting from and justified by the material which appears in the report.
  • The conclusion must not introduce any new material. It should report on all the conclusions that the evidence dictates.
  • Quite often the present tense is used in the conclusion; for example, “The healthy lifestyles concept analysed in this report is a good candidate in the phase of the marketing campaign for Choice chocolate”.
  • The conclusion must arise from the evidence discussed in the body of the report. It should not, therefore, subjectively tell the reader what to do.


Final Recommendation (CONCLUSION)
Mr Phil Colls, the owner of Funtastic Entertainment; a business that performs to young children in entertainment venues across NSW has expressed interest in expanding the legal structure of his current business. Three legal structures have been presented with advantages of each. That is partnership, private company and public company. It is recommended that Funtastic Entertainment expand into a partnership. A partnership would suit the nature of this business as well as creating more capital to expand. Ownership and debt would be shared………


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