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‘BUSI 1263 – Professional Practice in International Business and Economics (PPIBE)

Part 1 – Passport

Start a new page with the heading “Passport”

List the 40 passport points you obtained with therelative activities. Ensure that all your scannedevidence is uploaded through the Moodle link. Yourtutor will approve these submissions at the time ofmarking. If no evidence is uploaded on theGreenwich Employability Moodle site, you willreceive a grade of zero.

You should collect passport points in at least three of the categories below:







Passport related reflection

In the reflection on the passport activities make sure you cover for each activity the aspects below

  1. What you did during the activity
  2. What skills did you gain
  3. How are these going to benefit you in your future career

The passport reflection should be centered on the skills gained,with a particular emphasis on the transferable ones. You should refer to the passport activities as a way to provide evidence for how you acquired/develop those skills, rather than writing a detailed description of each of the activities and listing the skills.

Part 2 – PDP

In the first tutorial the PDP template was presented to you, and you were asked to maintain it and add to it as the year progressed. This has also probably been part of the discussion during your 1-2-1 meeting with your personal tutors

All writing should be included within the plan itself; there is no need for any additional paragraphs to introduce or conclude it

Column one lists a range of areas for possible personal development. You don’t need to address all of these; choose the areas that you fully intend to work on – in particular over the next year – and write sufficient detail about them in column three and column four. Your grading in column two must be justified by your comments in column three and four

The next slide provides a snapshot of the PDP; the template can be found on the Moodle site, in the box that refers to the first week of teaching

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