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BUS708: Statistics & Data Analysis- Report Writing Assignment

Statistics Report Writing Assignment:


This assignment will test your skill to collect and analyse data to answer a specific business problem. It will also test your understanding and skill to use statistical methods to make inferences about business data and solve business problems, including constructing hypotheses, test them and interpret the findings.
In Australia, many people need to lodge a tax return after the end of the financial year. They can prepare and lodge their own return or pay a registered tax agent to do it for them. By using a subset of the sample file from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), your task is to summarise and analyse several aspects of this lodgement method. We are interested to know the proportion of people who lodge a tax return using a tax agent; whether there is a difference among the age groups in terms of their lodgement method; whether there is a relationship between total income and the lodgement method; and the relationship between total income and deduction amount. In addition, you are also asked to collect and analyse a dataset about international students’ preference of tax return lodgement method.


There are two datasets involved in this assignment: Dataset 1 and Dataset 2, detailed below.
Dataset 1: You will receive an email that contains a dataset that is specifically allocated to you. This dataset is a subset of 2013-2014 individual sample file, provided by the ATO and has been edited to only include a subset of the cases and variables. The original dataset can be obtained from, and it is under the license of Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia. Data dictionary of the edited dataset is given in the following table.



Dataset 2: Collect data (e.g. via a survey) from international students about whether they would use a tax agent to lodge a tax return in the future. There is no requirement about sampling methods and sample size, but you need to justify your approaches in Section 1 (see below).
Both datasets should be saved in an Excel file (one file, separate worksheets). All data processing should be performed primarily in Excel or by using Statkey tool ( Prepare a report in a document file (.doc or .docx) which includes all relevant tables and figures.

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