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BUS201 Foundations of Workplace Success

Assessment Description.

This assessment task is to be completed individually and must be submitted on Turnitin. In this assessment task you are required to complete the following tasks:

  • Find an advertisement for a job you wish to apply. The advertisement must be for a junior level job that you wish to apply such as customer service officer, bank teller, and receptionist. The job could be technical or non-technical. The advertisement may belong to any industry such as manufacturing, retail, and hospitality. Choose an advertisement that is clear to follow.


  • Write a cover letter to the position authority who has advertised for the job.


  • Write a resume for the position you are applying. Upload the resume via Turnitin.


  • In 250 words you need to :


  • Analyse the Job advertisement in terms of language, its appeal to potential applicants, clarity of expression, what aspects of the advertisement appealed to you and why? What aspects did not appeal to you and provide reasons.


  • Why did you wish to apply for the job?

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