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BUS106: The ‘calm drink’ – Marketing management Assignment

Internal Code: MAS3810

Marketing management Assignment:

The ‘calm drink’ bears the potential of being one of the most consumed drinks because it combines the elements that consumers seek in other popular drinks. It offers the calming and energy boosting effect that energy drinks offer without the adversities that have been associated
with consuming energy drinks but instead with several health benefits form the natural ingredients used. Additionally, it also offers the refreshment that consumers seek in sodas and other refreshment drinks. Populations are becoming more health conscious and this makes the ‘calm drink’ potentially quite popular for people who seek refreshment without the adversities associated with unnatural ingredients. The following is a marketing mix decision analysis of the ‘calm drink’ integration into the Australia market. The first step in this process is an analysis of the three product layers of the ‘calm drink’. The three layers are the core product, the actual product, and the augmented product. The core product is the value or benefit that consumers derive from the ‘calm drink’ and or the physical product. In this case, the core product is the calming and health benefits that the consumer derives from the natural ingredients in the drink. The actual product is the drink itself, or the physical product, in this case, the bottle of the ‘calm drink’ that the customer purchases and consumes. The augmented product is defined as the additional benefits that a product offers in addition to the core benefit (Schleenbecker and Hamm, 2013). In this case, the augmented product is a refreshment, a delicious taste, and convenient packaging.


a. Which channel intermediaries and channels are the most suitable in this scenario?. You may use diagrams and charts.

b. Which level of distribution intensity is more appropriate in this scenario?

c. Which factors should XYZ Company consider when choosing a distribution channel? Promotion Decisions:

d. Which communication strategy is most suitable for this scenario?

e. Which type of advertising should XYZ company use to launch its product in Australia

f. Which main factors should the XYZ Company consider in selecting a suitable media type?

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