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BUS100: Professional Communication Skills- Comparative Analysis- Report Writing Assignment

Internal Code: MAS6595

Report Writing Assignment:


Topic: A short report comparing and contrasting what different academically valid sources say on the Trimester topic .The Topic is ” Do accountants needs to be ethical ? “.

Task Details: The short report gives students the opportunity to study an assigned topic in depth. It requires students to find relevant sources of information that will enable them to write a comparative analysis from an informed point of view. This will help students to develop writing and information literacy skills.

The assessment will require students to identify 2 or 3 main points of interest about the Trimester Topic. Students should use the 4 acceptable sources from their Annotated Bibliography plus a minimum of 2 other sources (academically acceptable and that meet the evaluation criteria) to develop their report.

Using their sources which may agree and/or disagree with those points, students should compare and contrast what the different sources say about the points and draw conclusions which answer the question(s) posed. A brief evaluation (a summary sentence such as used in your Annotated Bibliography) of the sources should be included in the discussion.

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