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BSBWOR501: Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development – Business Strategy

Internal Code: IAH267

Business Strategy

Scenario: Jasmina’s 360o feedback review

Jasmina is a project manager at a busy multimedia company. Her team has several large and complex projects that they are working on with local, national and international clients. Jasmina’s performance appraisal is coming up and her human resources manager, Bob conducts a
360o feedback review of Jasmina’s performance. Bob asks the following parties to complete a survey about Jasmina’s performance: the
organisation’s chief executive officer, three of Jasmina’s team, a member of the organisation’s sales staff, a member of their administration staff, two contacts with clients she is coordinating projects for and an instructional designer and editor who work for the company as subcontractors. Bob customises the organisation’s existing survey so that it is appropriate for someone at Jasmina’s frontline management level. Questions on the survey are designed to determine Jasmina’s performance in demonstrating interpersonal skills, customer focus, innovation, leadership, team support, developing relationships/networks, meeting deadlines, and quality assurance. Bob briefs Jasmina on the process, being careful to stress that it is a common procedure within the organisation and that it is not going to result in her being fired or demoted. He assures her that its purpose is just so that she can gain insight into her strengths and weaknesses. After a week, Bob arranges a meeting with Jasmina. Together they review the feedback he has collected, identify three areas for Jasmina to target and discuss ways they can be improved.


1) Research the review process

2) Write a summary identifying the strengths of Bob’s feedback process.

3) Include ways in which Bob needs to improve the review process, to ensure it is properly

4) Implemented and that all parties engage with, and benefit from it.

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