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BSBSUS501 - Develop Workplace Policy And Procedures For Sustainability - Choco Cacao Case Study - Management Assignment Help

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Choco Cacao
Business Philosophy
Choco Cacao offers Australians the opportunity to enjoy chocolate of the quality usually associated with Swiss and Belgian brands whilst feeling secure in the knowledge that Choco Cacao is committed to upholding fair-trade practices and supporting sustainability both within Australia and internationally. By combining innovation, creativity and artisan expertise Choco Cacao will achieve customer satisfaction levels which surpass its rivals. Choco Cacao will use state-of-the-art production equipment and more than ten different varieties of fine cacao from several countries including Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic, to guarantee high-quality chocolate production. Our corporate philosophies are reflected in our customer- oriented management and operations, providing excellence, and ensuring uncompromised quality in our products and services. The ongoing effort to expand our existing market and create new markets.


Choco Cacao is the first company in Australia to process more than ten different types of cacao from several countries, selecting only the finest cacao beans available. With chocolate factories in the Barossa, we currently manufacture and distribute exclusive handmade, partly handmade and machine-made chocolate products. Choco Cacao was established in 2000 by John Smith. Choco Cacao now has a significant retail presence in every Australian capital city, with 18 stores in the Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney, and growing to 50 stores Australia wide by 20XX. Choco Cacao plans a new chocolate product range. The “Dark Chocolate Glee” range has recently been expanded and now gives dark chocolate connoisseurs the choice of 70%, 80% and 90% cacao content and allows dairy intolerant customers, vegans, organic eaters and those on strict, low G.I. diets to partake in the delightful indulgence they may have previously thought was off limits.

Choco Cacao will become a national retail brand that satisfies our customers within the next 5 years, with finest quality gourmet Australia chocolate with sustainable behaviour and innovation, as well as providing exceptional customer service from our highly skilled and dedicated staff.


Purpose statement
The Choco Cacao has as purpose:

  • Reducing the environmental impact caused by their production and distribution processes.
  • To be the highest quality Australian chocolate available, blending locally.
  • To become the gourmet chocolate market leader within 5 years.
  • To become a national retail brand for chocolate connoisseurs within the next 5 years.
  • To communicate the health benefits of the “Dark Chocolate Glee” chocolate products through campaign as advertising and social media.


Choco Cacao seeks to fulfil the following benefits that are important to our customers
Quality & Innovation– highest quality Australian chocolate, using locally source sugar, fruit, nuts and dairy products and imported cacao, offering innovative products
Competitive pricing - because products are locally made, they are competitively priced, relative to comparable high-end European confectionery
Product choice – the “Dark Chocolate Glee” product range includes organic, dairy-free and low G.I. products
Social responsibility – Choco Cacao make fair trade and sustainable practices a key part of their marketing message


Advertising objectives:
Run a “Dark Chocolate Glee” email campaign, receiving 150 000 responses for the campaign, with a 30 % purchase target
Achieve 250 000 hits on the website for the “Dark Chocolate Glee” campaign


$150 000 for the 3-month period.


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