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Assignment Task

You are the Manager at your organisation and you are responsible to communicate organisational missions and goals and must
Clarify objectives, values and standards in accordance with organisation’s strategic direction, establishing linkages between organisational objectives, values and standards and the responsibilities of relevant groups and individuals
You are to ensure media and language used is appropriate to individuals and group circumstances and state clear expectations of internal groups and individuals and explain in a manner which builds commitment to the organisation

PART 1: Introduction into the organisation
You are required to gather information the following information about an organisation/business you are familiar with: Use the template provided below.
Information about the organisation:
Name of the organisation Indii Flavours
Industry in which the organisation operates Food industry with Indian Cuisine.
Address and contact details of the organisation 114 O'Connell St, North Adelaide SA 5006, (08) 8164 5566
https://indiiflavours.com.au/Brief overview of the organisation and your responsibilities Indii Flavours is a restaurant service that is geared to deliver authentic Indian flavours in North Adelaide area and provides a beautiful dining experience that represents traditional recipes with modernist presentation. Indii Flavours also features a wine room specifically designed for patrons to step inside and be transported to a cellar door where they are spoilt for choice. The premises have stocked famous Indian whiskies and other unique single malts imported from all corners of the globe.
I am the Head Chef in the restaurant and my responsibilities include the following:
Set up the kitchen with cooking utensils and equipment, like knives, pans and kitchen scales
Study each recipe and gather all necessary ingredients
Cook food in a timely manner
Delegate tasks to kitchen staff
Inform wait staff about daily specials
Ensure appealing plate presentation
Supervise Cooks and assist as needed
Slightly modify recipes to meet customers’ needs and requests (e.g. reduce salt, remove dairy)
Monitor food stock and place orders
Check freshness of food and discard out-of-date items
Experiment with recipes and suggest new ingredients
Ensure compliance with all health and safety regulations within the kitchen area
An organisation chart showing key departments and positions
Departmental chart showing key positions and team details

PART 2:Theoretical Concepts
You are required to answer the following questions.
Refer to Table A – Business sources and Table B - Legislation, regulations and codes of practice for further information.
Explain what business ethics are and how business ethics apply to leadership. Your response must be 150 words in length.
Business ethics are a set of principles that are to be adhered to by all the business organizations to overcome any ethical dilemma and controversial situation. Following up of these principles not only give a professional image to the organization but also give it competitive advantage in the market. In easier words, business ethics is a form or a practice that involves contemporary organizational standards, set of values etc. along with the governmental norms to be followed within the organization by the individuals working in it.
Being a leader in an organization, every decision made by the person in charge matters. In a business ethics are important to govern one person’s professional behaviour without having to compromise the basic needs of decency and transparency. Ethical leadership is important as it can help improve decisions, behaviours and boundaries of the business.
Research and identify four leadership styles. Briefly describe the characteristics and application in supporting the organisation’s mission, objectives and values. Your response should be 150 words in length per leadership style.
Leadership style Description of characteristics and application in supporting the organization’s mission, objectives and values.
1 Authoritarian The leader in case of autocratic or authoritarian form of leadership assumes full responsibility and holds the decision making power without having to consult his employees. Clear cut directions, commanding orders and close supervision is practiced by an authoritarian leader. This helps in making decisions quickly, taking prompt actions and in the unity of direction.
To be able to give best customer services, the company’s mission is customer satisfaction without having to compromise any of the services that we provide. This mission can be only adhered to if the organization has a leader who does not compromise the values of the business. The goal is to provide the customers with authentic Indian food who want to enjoy the taste of India. Thus, it requires no compromise at all. Even though negative, this leadership style can help the business to never lose hold of its main aim.

2 Participative Also called as democratic style of leadership, there is decentralization of authority in this form. The leader instead of solely making the decisions involves the participation of his subordinates to actively give their views and suggestions for the decision that is to be made. Being the persuader the leader serves as a moderator of the ideas and suggestions that come along from his subordinates. This positive style of leadership is very useful in the business for the motivation of the employees and improving their morale which can in turn improve the performance and efficiency. The business needs cooperation from the management to achieve its goals and remain to its values, this leadership style facilitates it is also good for reducing employee absenteeism and lethargies as they feel needed by the business.
3 Free-rein The leader in the laissez faire style of leadership often avoids taking any responsibility and holding the decision making power. He passes the decision making power to his subordinates and is least interfering in any process of administration. The idea behind this style is that when an employee is on his own, he would be able to best utilize his knowledge in putting work into action. Thus in a business that has been going on for long time, there comes a point where there is not much requirement of the leader to take action, rather the employees work to the best of their understanding in reaching business’ goals and sustaining its value. Though not much favoured, but this leadership style is effective when the employees are well aware of their duties and responsibilities.
4 Paternalistic This leadership style is based on the contention that a ‘father knows the best’. The leader is like a father figure in the organization and the subordinates are like the rest of the family. There are various benefits provided to the subordinates along with the best working conditions. This leadership style is generally successful in small firms but is not suitable for bigger and larger industries. In order to achieve the goals of the business, the leader assumes it as his responsibility and takes actions with the best of his understanding. the assumption is that the employees will work feeling grateful for the facilities that have been provided. This is not the most suitable style of leadership to run a business as a business does not run on gratitude rather the services that are offered and the revenue that it generates.
Leaders must be aware of the federal and state/ territory legal and regulatory requirements within which their organisations must operate. The nature of the business will determine the scope of legal, ethical and environmental compliance requirements.
Explain the impact of legislation in providing leadership in the organisation. Your response should be 150 words in length.
Legislations provide legal validation to certain practices that are also required by organizations to be followed. There are various Acts that provide for the protection of justice and equality and also are helpful in stopping discriminatory practices happening within the organization. For an organization to run smoothly it is important to adhere to these laws and regulations provided by the sovereign within each organization. These legislations help the leaders to formulate strategies and rules that are needed to be followed by the employees. The laws are like the mandatory rules that are to be followed within the organization. A leader has to be fair towards his employees and should be strong on reasons as to why he supports a particular practice. These legislations provide evidentiary value to their thoughts.

Explain the following:
1 What is a mission statement? A mission statement is a concise form of reason explaining why the organization exists. It explains the purpose and the intention of the organization.
2 What are business purpose and values? The roadmap of the organization that helps the organization in making business decisions is what constitutes the business purpose and values. They are the strategic elements responsible for the functioning of the organization.
3 How does the mission statement and business value impact business operations? Your response should be 50 words in length. The mission statement is the goal of the organization on how it wants to work. The major impact on the operations of the business is from the mission statement of an organization. The value in any business is the set of standards defined by the business in order to achieve its mission.
4 How should you communicate the organisations vision, mission and values? The best way to communicate the organization’s mission, vision and values is by making and keeping it visible to all. Involving everyone can ensure the delivery of the information properly.


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