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BSBLDR511: Develop and use Emotional Intelligence - Case Study - Management Assignment Help

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Scenario 1

Sue has been working a warehouse manager for a medium size company. One of Sue’s main responsibilities is to develop the staff roaster to ensure the smooth running of staff and to meet the needs of the customers promptly. 

Sue’s team is made up of 5 full time employees and a number of casual staff which work only during peak periods. 

Two weeks before the Christmas break Sue needs to prepare the staff roster. December is a very busy period for Sue, with her busiest day being Boxing Day, this is the day ALL staff are required to be working, Sue understands that staff will be disappointed that they will not be getting to spend the day with their families. All employees are entitle to a higher rate of pay as they are working a public holiday. 

Sue understands that people’s emotions need to be taken into consideration during this time. When Sue us developing the roster she takes the following into consideration: 

•        Staff who work boxing day morning will be entitle to have the afternoon off and vice versa.

•        Full time staff will be entitle to 5% discount on the goods offered by the department store.

To help make staff feel they are part of the process for the development of the December roster Sue always asks for her teams input so she can consider everyone’s opinion before making a decision, staff are encouraged to share their feeling and relation to the proposed roster. Sue also wants staff to have a choice on which shifts they want to work so long as the entire day is covered. 

By including the team, Sue hope the results of having staff to work on a holiday will be positive, people will feel included and partially responsible for their decision.


Scenario 2

Amy is a Customer Service Manager for an electronic company. She is very efficient in her work and all her colleagues as well as the regular customers  think that she is very professional, polite and approachable.  

Recently Amy decided that at the next management meeting, she will put forward an idea which will improve the Service provided to customer and will make customer satisfaction rates higher. In the days leading up to meeting she even conducted a small survey where she asked customers and relevant staff for feedback on her idea. For the management meeting she prepared a Power Point Presentation which included an explanation of the new service options for customers as well as the feedback results from the survey she conducted. During the meeting, however, her idea was quickly dismissed by the operational manager due to lack of time to familiarise the staff with the new process. The operational manager did not want to listen to Amy’s explanations of the new process which will save time and will improve customer satisfaction with the company. The operations manager did not even look at Amy’s presentation.

After the meeting, Amy sent the operational manager an email requesting him to look at the presentation, but the manager ignored her email and did not respond. Amy took this situation very personally and started to feel unappreciated, unsupported and even de-motivated. She did not want to talk to anyone about it and began having trouble finding her job enjoyable. She stopped caring for her colleagues and customers. Everyone around Amy, including the regular customers, noticed the change in her behaviour and the whole atmosphere in the office changed dramatically.


Scenario 3

Natalia is the customer service manager at a large call center. Her team consists of 25 call center operators who respond to the customers’ queries and complaints. The work environment is very busy and sometimes very stressful. Recently the call center team was asked to give feedback about Natalia – about her ability to display emotional intelligence competencies in supporting her team to achieve workplace goals. 

The results of the feedback showed that Natalia is definitely a task-oriented person and she is very good at setting measurable and challenging goals that motivate the team. The feedback also showed that Natalia often lacks the ability to keep her emotions and impulses under control and quite often she struggles to remain calm and collected during stressful situations. The team members also feel that she is a bit moody and sometimes comes to work and does not talk to anyone for the whole day, making her team feeling awkward. All this makes her unapproachable and the team thinks she could manage her emotions better in the workplace. 


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