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Assignment Task

Task 2 - Knowledge Questions


This task consist of 18 short answer questions. All questions must be answered satisfactorily for Task 2 to be completed satisfactorily.

There is no restriction on the length of the question responses. You must complete all questions unassisted by the assessor or other personnel but may refer to reference material as needed.

Task 2 – Knowledge Questions Template

You may use the learning resource and relevant WHS documents to research information when answering questions. Use the BSBHRM513 Template to record and submit your answers

Task 3 – Project: Managing workforce planning at BizOps Enterprises


You will be demonstrating the required skills and knowledge by completing a scenario-based project.

Task overview and context

Task overview and context

Subject: Review of staffing issues


Due to recent staffing issues at BizOps Enterprises, we have engaged your services as a HR specialist advisor with experience in managing workforce planning. The main objective of your appointment is to undertake a review of current staffing issues and develop, implement, monitor and evaluate strategies that will assist BizOps in managing its future workforce planning.

You are required to research and report on the workforce supply issues being encountered in the organisation. The major issues that need to be addressed are high staff turnover and a workforce that is becoming increasingly unskilled.

I have provided a synopsis of BizOps’ workforce in the section that follows. Also, refer to the project instructions and activities below for specific details on what I need you to complete.

Project Instructions:

To complete this project, you will be using the supplied templates. Templates can be found in a single document on Moodle, BSBHRM513 Templates.doc. To develop each part of the project, you will need to review the workforce synopsis in the table above, and source information from BizOps’ business documents. Follow the steps to complete all 3 parts of the project and submit on Moodle with your assessment

You will be completing the following for this project:
1. Workforce Report and Risk Assessment
2. Workforce Strategy Proposal
3. Task 3 – BisOps Enterprises Workforce Planning Template


1. Using the Task 3- Project: Managing workforce planning BizOps Enterprises Workforce Reporting Template prepare a report for senior management that summarises the key issues outlined in the workforce synopsis.

a. Following the points in the template, include information on:
workforce demographics, relevant trends, and labour supply as well as the demand
factors that will affect the organisation’s workforce
other external factors that may affect labour supply.

b. Develop a Risk Assessment of workforce issues that may affect BizOps’ current and future operations following the headings in the template and also include:

Appropriate controls and contingency plans to deal with the workforce risk factors that you identified as having a significant overall risk for the organisation

2. Using the same template as above, prepare a Workforce Strategy Proposal for senior management to consider. Follow the points in the template to develop a strategy covering the following:

A review of the existing organisational policies, goals and objectives to ensure they align with workforce retention issues that have been identified. You will need to document the areas where misalignment exists

Considered approaches to address workforce demographic issues, staff succession and employee morale

objectives for workforce diversity that are consistent with BizOps’ policies, community expectations and legislative requirements

Considered approaches to sourcing skilled labour.

Targets and objectives to allow the organisation to fulfil its workforce requirements

3. Prepare a final Workforce Plan using the Task 3 – BizOPs Enterprises Workforce Planning Template.

The information to prepare this plan will need to be extracted from the workforce synopsis and the information you prepared in your report, risk assessment and workforce strategy proposal from steps 1 and 2. In the monitor and evaluate section, ensure that each of the following points are addressed:

How you will monitor the effectiveness of the workforce plan as it is being implemented

How you will monitor BizOps’ future labour requirements against labour supply

How you plan to monitor the organisational climate and measure worker satisfaction.


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