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BSBHRM506: Manage Recruitment, Selection and Induction Processes - Portfolio of Evidence - Report Writing - Management Assignment Help

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Assignment Task:

There are two projects within this assessment.  

The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate that you can apply the relevant skills and knowledge required to manage all aspects of recruitment selection and induction processes in accordance with organisational policies and procedures.

Guidelines for the projects

You may choose to use your current workplace (preferred) OR create an outreach clinic supported by your larger organisation (i.e. Qld Health) OR you may reference Brolga Health.

As the Practice Manager you are to develop or critically analyse a recruitment, selection and induction process for new employees for your organisation. 

You must review and analyse your organisations existing recruitment, selection and induction framework, if available, and develop a recruitment, selection and induction policy and procedures document that could be implemented in your workplace or that of Brolga Health. 

Your review of policy and procedure is to include but not limited to:

  • position descriptors and person specifications for vacancies 

  • training and other forms of support 

  • advertising of vacant positions 

  • utilisation of specialists

  • selection procedures that include advising applicants of outcome 

  • execution of job offers and contracts of employment 

  • communicating salary, terms and conditions to new appointments

  • induction process.


You have been requested to submit a final report to the Practice Owners/Principals and conduct a presentation to the Owner/Management Team of your analysis and gap findings, recommendations, new policies and procedures and implementation plan for your new improved Recruitment Selection and Induction policies and procedure. 


Project 1 – Final Report 

Please include all the following information in your formal report.  

  1. Cover Sheet 

  2. Table of Contents

  3. Executive Summary

  • Introduction – (What is the name of the organisation?) 

  • Description -  (How many people within this organisation) 

  • Background – (What is the nature of your health organisation?) Analyse your organisation’s strategic and operational plans and existing policies and procedures framework for recruitment, selection and induction.


  1. Consultation Framework

  • Who did or will you consult with when developing, monitoring and evaluating the policies and procedures for your business? Why? 

  • How will you communicate the developed policies and procedures to all employees generally? 

  • What will you do when managers and employees have difficulty interpreting the policies and procedures? 

  • What will you do as a result of the information you receive during the communication process? 

  • Review the use of appropriate technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment and selection process.


  1. Legislative and Other Requirements 

  • When developing your policies and procedures what information - Identify relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice that must be adhered to.

  • Why did you need to refer to this information?  


  1. Recruitment 

Current policy and procedure: 

  • What is the procedure for recruiting employee?

  • What did you identify was missing from the policy or that it could have been improved? 


Revised new policy and procedure:

  • What changes did you make to the recruitment policy and procedure? 

  • Did you introduce any new forms or guidelines?

  • For what reason did you decide on that particular procedure? 

  • Did you introduce any new concepts to the organisation e.g. outsourcing specialist positions? 

Please include a copy of the current and the new revised policy and procedure plus any additional/amended form templates for example job description, advertised vacancy and the interview questions demonstrating how they relate to each other)

  1. Induction

  • What is the procedure for inducting new employees?

  • What are the designated timeframes for employees to have completed their induction?

  • What information included in the induction?

  • What method was used to ensure that employees have learnt the required information? 

  • What mandatory training requirements are they to complete either prior to commencing or soon after?

Please include a copy of the induction checklist. 

  1. The successful applicant process 

  • What is the process of developing an employment contract?

  • How will you communicate the employment contract to the new employee member? 

  • What will you highlight to the new employee particularly if they are health professionals?

  • What is the procedure with regards to the probationary period? 

Please provide a copy of the employment contract and a probation period agreement form. 

  1. Outsourcing 

  • Discuss what is outsourcing? 

  • On what occasions will you need to outsource aspects of the recruitment, selection and induction process? Why?

  • What are the benefits and negative impacts to a health organisation when outsourcing? 


  1. Coordination of the recruitment processes:

  • How will you ensure that the recruitment, selection and induction tasks are completed in a timely and correct manner?


  1. Conclusion and Future Directions

    • Implementation plan of delivery of new enhanced recruitment and selection procedure across the health organisation. 

Please provide a copy of the implementation plan within this report.  

  1. Appendices

    • List all the documents to be added and referred to within this final report


  1. Glossary

    • List of Terms and Abbreviations utilised within this report. 

Project 2 – Presentation 

You may choose to record your presentation or submit the notes for your presentation accompanied by the relevant presentation medium such as PowerPoint; spark or similar.


  • Duration of the presentation is set for approximately 15 minutes

  • Formal presentation structure to be utilised including relevant diagrams, graphics etc.

  • Provide a brief overview of the final report including:

    • Identified risks/gaps in the current recruitment and selection policy and procedure

    • Consultation  - Who, when and what methods were utilised to ensure accurate consultation within an health environment

    • Recommended improvements to the recruitment and selection policy and procedures including additional forms or processes.

    • Implementation Framework to be delivered to all employees involved in the recruitment and selection of employees. 

    • Discuss how future human resource needs will be planned for and meet.


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