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BSBCUS501: Manage Quality Customer Service Plan

Case study Customer Service 

Discuss the following with your group. Then share your ideas with the rest of the class Jane takes her car to the Service Department of a motor company that is 20 kilometers away from her home. She has been doing this regularly for 3 years, whenever the car requires a service.

She has an arrangement with the Service Manager to have the work done while she waits. This usually takes about 2 hours.

The last time Jane did this she received a call from Harry, who works in the main office the motor company. Harry asked Jane the following questions.

a) Were you satisfied with your car service?

b) Did the counter staff look after you?

c) Were you greeted pleasantly?

d) Were you able to speak with the Service Manager or the Service Advisor?

e) Were you offered tea or coffee?

f) Were you given access to our phone and fax facilities?

g) How long did you have to wait?

h) Were there any queries about the amount charged?

1. Do you think there is any point in this phone conversation?

2. What do you think the organisation hopes to find out

3. Do you agree with the questions asked? Why?

4. What questions might you add (if any) and why?

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