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BSBADV602: Fitness Programs- Marketing assignment

Internal code- MAS3973

Marketing assignment


Task 1- Define campaign objectives
1. Clarify Bounce Fitness’ advertising purpose and objectives from Bounce Fitness’ marketing plan. Use measurable terms for the objectives for the advertising campaign.
2. How do you make sure that your campaign objectives will be feasible?
3. Discuss relevant legislation and the impact of each to Bounce Fitness’ advertising campaign.
4. Discuss the legal and ethical considerations relating to this brief and how Bounce Fitness will manage these areas of concern.

Task 2 – Prepare an advertising budget
5. What research resource requirements will Bounce Fitness need for this campaign?
6. Discuss the range of media options that Bounce Fitness can consider and provide justifications to the choices selected.
7. Seek approval on the choice of media options for Bounce Fitness by providing a discussion and ensure that the budget and availability allocated is sufficient to meet the advertisement objectives?
8. How would Bounce Fitness ensure that the overall budget meets the requirement of the advertising brief?

Task 3 – Develop a schedule for proposed advertising activities
9. Using computer technology, produce a Gantt chart for Bounce Fitness to chart the planned progress of the campaign planning and exposure including resource requirements for campaign.
10. Discuss how Bounce Fitness can ensure that its implementation timeline is effective and meets the marketing plan requirements
11. Illustrate a creative artwork for an advertisement poster for Bounce Fitness that would focus on one of its advertising campaign objective (Increase market penetration every quarter) to ensure positive consumer responses.
12. With reference to Q11, justify how the advertising poster meets the legal (anti-discrimination, consumer protection laws), regulatory (ACMA and ACCC) and ethical (cultural and societal expectations) requirements.

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