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BSB52415 10118NAT: Diploma of Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Communication – Marketing Project Assignment Help

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Task: Marketing Project Assignment

Assessment 2

Part A – Written or Oral Questions

  1. Why do you need to take your team’s views into account?
  2. Why do you need to gain approval for your project before you start?
  3. Why do team members need to be clear about their roles?
  4. Why do you need to support team members?
  5. Why is record keeping important?
  6. Why do you need to monitor project expenditure?
  7. Why might project stakeholders require copies of reports?
  8. Why does risk management contribute to meeting outcomes?
  9. Why do you need to achieve project deliverables?
  10. Why do you need to check records for accuracy?
  11. Why is post-project staff transition important?
  12. Why are sign-offs required?
  13. Why do you need to review project outcomes and processed against the project’s scope and plan?
  14. Why is involving team members in project reviews important?
  15. Why is documenting lessons learned a good practice?


Part B – Project

Consider the project from assessment 1

  1. How would you monitor the project? 
  2. How would you assign staff their roles and brief them of this? 
  3. How would you support the staff? 
  4. What are the deliverables? 
  5. How would you finalise the project? 
  6. What financial records do you have to keep? 
  7. How do you transition staff into their new roles? 
  8. What documentation do you need to sign off? 
  9. How would you review the project? 
  10. How would you review the outcomes?
  11. How would you determine the level of success and the effectiveness of the project? 
  12. How would you evaluate and record what lessons have been learned? 

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