BSB51915: Develop and use Emotional Intelligence – Intelligence

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Intelligence Assignment


Emotional regulation has to do with our ability to control strong emotions by not acting on raw feelings in an impulsive or destructive manner. Developing the ability to sit with unpleasant feelings and to give ourselves the time and space to decide how we may alleviate or reduce negative feelings cultivates self- confidence. The emotional regulation also helps us develop the ability to consider various solutions to a particular situation or problem. Not reacting solely from an emotionally charged state results in better decision-making outcomes.


Emotions are one of the core components of our being. We experience emotions in virtually every moment of every day. When those emotions are understood as a skill, then it becomes another way to manipulate someone to do what you want them to do. A high emotional intelligence might eliminate physical bullying, but if the intentions are not good, then a different type of bullying can come about:
emotional bullying. What’s worse is that the person being bullied will want to have it happen because it is emotionally fulfilling for them. When someone knows how to “put their emotion on a plate,” then that emotional exposure can help others relate to that contact. As those emotions are placed strategically into a presentation, speech, or another public arena, those who are hearing and feeling those expressed emotions begin to get emotional themselves.


1) How many mental indicators did you score?

2) How many physical indicators did you score?

3) What are your nervous triggers? List quintuple and the way they have effects on you

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