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BSB42015 : Dare to Lead! -Leadership and Management Assignment

Internal Code: MAS530

Leadership and Management Assignment


Part 1: Workplace Documentation [Evidence Portfolio]
You are required to gather and collate evidence from your workplace to demonstrate your current application of the skills and knowledge requirements of the units. Examples of documents you may be asked to submit include but are not limited to: a copy of a current performance appraisal, induction records , evidence of communication with your manager and team, team work plans, email and meeting records etc… As you collate your evidence, ensure that you reference and number it accordingly.

Part 2: Knowledge requirements
Complete the Required Knowledge Questions by entering your response.Ensure that you provide succinct yet comprehensive answers.

1. Outline the legislation and organisational policies which define and inform workplace communication in your organisation.

2. What impact does the legislation and organisational policies outlined above, have on how you
communicate in the workplace; what is their purpose?

3. Explain the impact of legislation and organisational policies on workplace relationships.

4. Explain how to monitor, analyse and introduce ways to improve work relationships.

5. Outline the process for establishing SMART goals with your team.

6. Outline how you build cohesion within your work team considering individual behaviours and differences.

7. Explain how you motivate individual team members to achieve workplace goals.

8. Outline the circumstances under which it is appropriate for you to negotiate with team members.
Describe the techniques you use.

9. Explain how to identify an organisation’s standards and values when they are:a) Stated , b) Implied

10. Explain basic theory of group behaviour.

11. Give examples of behaviours and performance that would typically be considered damaging to an


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