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BSB123 : Research Report – Accounting Assignment

Internal Code – MAS1602

Accounting Assignment

Report Writing 

Universities play a significant role in the provision of higher education within Australia. As part of the goal to provide the best possible educational experience and outcomes, universities are always looking for ways in which to better understand learning so as to assist students to achieve their full potential.
In this research you will be analysing a set of data of which can be found in an EXCEL file available for download in the Assessment section of the BSB123 Blackboard site. The dataset contains information relating to a sample of 479 students who studied BSB123 in a past semester. The dataset includes the following variables:

  •  Exam result
  •  Gender
  •  Quiz result
  •  Lecture attendance
  •  SGT attendance

As a research officer you have been asked to summarise, analyse and interpret the data. Exam results are the focus (column A) and you will therefore need to consider the distribution of the exam results, as well as potential factors that may contribute to the level of a student’s exam performance. Specific tasks include the following:

Consider the distribution of exam results

Also consider what influences exam results (Hint: using multiple regression and hypothesis testing)

o Consider the following to determine which factors, if any, influence the exam result.

  •  gender
  •  quiz result
  •  lecture attendance
  •  SGT attendance

For each of the above components you should:
i. Prepare a table and/or chart to summarise the data
ii. Analyse & interpret the data

Please note that part of this task is for you to assess which is the most appropriate table/chart to use for each section of analysis and in some cases this will mean that you need to try various options before making your final decision.

You are to prepare a report to summarise your findings.

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