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BRD201 : Food Matters – Essay Writing Assignment

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Essay Writing

1. How is food ‘fundamental, fun, frightening, and far-reaching?’ (Rozin 1999).

2. Why is the food industry often less than forthcoming in revealing its processes and practices?

3. Trying to understand the food system more clearly by taking a global view is essential, but this can obscure many other perspectives of food systems at different levels. For this reason it is often helpful to study food systems at the regional, national, community and even household level. Please explain.

4. What are the limits of the ‘You are what you eat’ axiom? In what ways might your food choices not reveal who you are?

5. Are genetically modified crops a natural progression in efficient agriculture or are we ‘playing God’ with nature? Can we afford not to embrace GM?

6. What is the role of technology and innovation in promoting food security?

7. Is food security really just about food?

8. How important are issues of sustainability in your food choices?

9. What is the role of food marketing on consumer behaviour?

10. What role does food play in people’s lives beyond nutrition?

11. What are some different ways in which individuals express their identities through food choices? (for example by being vegetarian or vegan)

12. Should the government play a role in personal food choices? If so, what should its responsibilities be toward its citizens?

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