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Task: Background Scenario (Imagine) A new journal has been launched entitled: Highlights in Drug Discovery to which you have been recruited as a scientific journalist. Your remit is to write articles on the ‘hottest’ topics in aspects of drug design and drug discovery covering medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and pre-clinical or early clinical trials. In particular, you will be asked to compete favourably with your closest rival journal: Drug Discovery Today: http://www.drugdiscoverytoday.com/ Access through: [Science Direct:http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/13596446 ] Assignment Your task is to write a short article in a style similar to one of your competitor’s earlier products – the “Monitor Articles” section of Drug Discovery Today. Note that you have noticed a gap in the market since Drug Discovery Today abandoned this form of article around 2011, in favour of longer ones! [Examples of these former Monitor articles are easily accessed through the above links/Journal (via Science Direct); some samples are attached to the relevant section on this Assignment on Moodle]. The aim is to allow readers, who are scientifically expert but who have limited knowledge of a given area, to become familiar with the key concepts, advances, results and prospects of contemporary research. Written by those closely involved in the drug discovery process (YOU!), these articles aim to provide insights that will be exciting to read and will inspire future drug discovery programmes. Focus In order to focus your assignment, the article MUST be confined to relatively low molecular mass agents (i.e. no biologics/biopharmaceuticals – no large peptides or proteins; no oligonucleotides or polymers) and MUST belong to one of the following broad areas: EITHER 1. Antiviral Agent Research and Development OR 2. Cardiovascular Treatment Agent Research and Development OR 3. Anticancer Agent Research and Development [restricted to drugs which either target DNA directly or which target DNA-processing enzymes: several categories available] OR 4. Computer-Aided Drug Design Research and Development
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