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BLO1105: Business Law

Details of the task 

The research assignment is to be completed individually and requires students to undertake their own research of

academic materials outside of those prescribed or provided in the unit as a basis for their completed assignment (e.g., legal journal articles, case summaries, other texts).

Students must read and follow all instructions carefully and familiarise themselves with the VU Academic Integrity and Plagiarism policies.

The assignment should be written in the style of an essay. All assertions should be supported with appropriate references to Australian law (cases) and relevant articles/journals. Students should be wary of using internet sources that are not of acceptable academic standard.

Footnotes and bibliography (Australian Guide to Legal Citation format) are required. Other referencing styles (e.g., Harvard style) are not to be used for this assignment.


The essay topic may not be fully covered in lectures and tutorials prior to the due date.

Students are nonetheless expected to review the topic (i.e., lecture slides and relevant chapters of prescribed text) as well

as to conduct more in-depth research into the topic using a variety of reputable academic resources.

It is recommended that begin researching the assignment as early as possible. A marking rubric for this task will be made

available in the Assessments module of this space.


Assessment Criteria and Submission

Assignment preparation workshops are normally conducted approximately 2 weeks prior to the due date and college

librarians are also available to assist students with research and writing.

All essays are to be submitted electronically via the Assessment Dropbox provided. Assignments will be submitted

via Turnitin, where originality reports will be generated can be viewed. Students should endeavour to achieve less than

30% similarity. Students may submit multiple drafts until the due date.

You do not need to submit the assignment declaration form.

Assignment Topic

Topic: The impact of digital disruptions on business contracts

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