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BISM7233 – The Main Activities Of Managers In Any Sector – Business Analytics Assignment

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Business Analytics Assignment:

One of the main activities of managers in any sector is to make decisions. For example, a manager might ask: Which classes of customers should I target for new product promotions? What kinds of customers should I be careful to evaluate in credit card applications? Which products can I sell to customers as a package?


• Identify the decision situation with problem description and requirements. (HINT: Describe the background to the decision to be made, identify the variable which you are trying to predict, and any constraints.)

• Consider what type(s) of data will be needed as input into your decision making model. (HINT: Where will it come from? What format will the data be in, e.g., financial data drawn from company sales transactions, composition or other scientific data from testing a product, opinion data from a survey?)

• Discuss the model used to analyse the data and reach a decision. (HINT: Will you use classification or clustering or other model? Is the decision a strategic, tactical or operational one?)

• Visualize the data using Tableau (HINT: draw on design principles from class readings, and visualization techniques learned in class, consider enhancing the data where necessary (e.g geocoding or bringing in complementary data sources)

• Analyze the data using SAS Enterprise Miner. (HINT: use lab time and the assistance of tutors; you can pre-process the data in MSExcel if you wish.)

• Make a decision based on the analysis, and justify your decision.

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