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Case Study – Research A Real World Ethical Breach – Counselling Assignment

Counselling Assignment


The purpose of the assessment is to research a real world ethical breach in a chosen specialization and analyse the ethical, professional and legal elements of this breach. Will analyse the social context of the ethical issue and recommend an appropriate intervention based on professional codes of ethics and relevant policy and legislation.

Case study will need to address the following:

1. Brief summary of case study and its context provided
2. Ethical, professional, social and legal elements of the case study identified
3. Analysis of the ethical, professional, social and legal elements of the case study
4. Appropriate professional and legal responses to the case study outlined, based on codes of ethics, professional standards and legislation
5. Evidence of in-depth knowledge of relevant literature, research, codes of ethics, legislation and theory
6. Main ideas clearly and logically presented
7. Relevant research and scholarship literature used appropriately to supportclaims

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