BI728A – Identifying Deferentially Expressed Genes – R Script

Internal Code: MAS7014

R Script

In this assignment, you will show that you have practical skills to identify differentially expressed genes within two groups. The assignment is divided into two parts and the questions should be answered in a written report (Word‐format) that is available on the course website. The submission deadline is 3 March. Please use the Assignment 2 report template available on the course website when writing your report. To answer each question you are required to include the information requested in the question, a description of how you got the result and an interpretation of the result. If the question requires you to write an R script, include it in the report. For some questions, you may also need to include figures to clarify your answers. The score is assigned to each question based on the completeness and the quality of the answer. In other words, to get a good score it is not recommended to write minimal answers. The maximum possible score for the assignment is 60 and the grading scheme for the assignment is the following:

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