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BHM205 : Compliance and Risk Management in Hospitality – Management Assignment

Internal Code: MAS5700

Management Assignment:

Congratulations on starting your new hospitality business. Your business will operate within the Melbourne city limits (postcode 3000). You will need to comply with the rules within that area. As the key financial investor, I am very excited to see how your business will grow in accordance with the decisions you make. As we discussed at the outset, I have concerns over the cost of compliance and am unsure as to which compliance measures our business needs to adhere to. I have researched this, and there seems to be a ridiculous amount for us to
licensing for us to comply with. As the chief financial investor, I do not believe that we could possibly need ALL of the licenses that I have discovered. As such, I have compiled a list for you to review and would request that you notify me of which items we will comply with. I have set a budget of $2000 for this purpose. Your goal is to spend as little as possible, while still maintaining the viability of this business against perceived risks.


1) Which ones we are complying with and why? As well as why some have not been included.

2) If you decide to take a risk, provide a persuasive argument for why.


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