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BGP7730: Business Research Project- Impact of ERP- Report Writing Assignment

Internal Code: 1HBDJ

Report Writing Assignment:


Assessment 1: Brief Proposal

Identify a research project relevant to your field of study. Your project could include the topic covered in your BMO6630 Business Research Methods assessment. You should brainstorm ideas with your research team and discuss these with your workshop leader.

In a research report, the early sections of the report contain background information on the organisation, the industry and relevant information relevant to the research (question/objectives) at hand. A literature review is also undertaken to understand the key constructs (i.e., theory) that should be examined which is relevant to the topic and guides the direction of your research.

In writing a literature review, start by finding general articles and then move to articles, which provide more specific and detailed information on the constructs under investigation. For example, using the example above you may start by finding articles on ‘information search’ and ‘health’ the then more specifically about Diabetes. The literature review provides the context for your research and will take into account the broader issues relating to your topic.

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