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BBMK601: Services Marketing Management- Report Writing Assignment

Internal Code: MAS1591

Report Writing Assignment:


Utilise the Service Company in Action selected in Week 1 and apply service marketing mix and customer satisfaction theories as presented during the unit.
In this assessment students are required to submit a written assignment and recorded oral presentation.
Theoretical concepts, processes and models as presented during the unit should be used and applied.

1. Introduce your Service Company with a short introduction (approx. 25 words)
2. Evaluate how well your Service Company applies each relevant ‘P’ of the services marketing mix. Provide evidence and apply the appropriate weight of each ‘P’ appropriate for your Service Company (approximately 500 words)
3. Propose one recommended change (or addition) to each relevant ‘P’ of the services marketing mix for your Service Company. (approximately 300 words)
4. Identify two areas where customer expectations exceed your Service Company’s performance (P<E -Module 5 B ). Based on these shortfalls, recommend at least two strategies that could – cost effectively – be introduced to increase customer satisfaction experience at your Service Company (Modules 5B – 6B). (approximately 450 words). Note: the Trello board may be a valuable resource.
5. Reflect and self-assess your written assignment against the Rubric. Marks will be awarded as to how closely your self-assessment reflects the final grade. The report should concentrate on applying service marketing mix theories and the relevant weight of each component as relevant to the organisation and industry.

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