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BBMK402 : Buyer Behaviour and Branding : Consumer Bahaviour – Management Assignment

Internal Code : MAs470

Management Assignment

Question :

Any Melbourne city or suburban non chain restaurant. (No Mc Donald’s or Hungry Jacks restaurants)

You will work on your selected restaurant for this Written Assignment. In this assignment, you will need to demonstrate your understanding of Buyer Behaviour concepts, models and theories. Explain the Buyer Behaviour of the restaurant market in Melbourne using concepts, models, and theories in the following sections of your Assignment:



Consumers and individuals –  Apply the appropriate concepts, models and theories of Perception, Learning & Memory, Motivation & Global Values, Personality & Psychographics to explain the internal influences of a potential restaurant customer.

Consumer as decision makers – Use the appropriate concepts, models and theories of Decision Making to explain
how potential customer makes decisions in choosing the restaurant.

Consumers and subcultures –  Discuss how Groups & Social Media, Social Class & Lifestyles, Culture and Subcultures impact the buyer behaviour of potential customers.

Recommendation – With the understanding of the above, make recommendations on how your selected restaurant could improve.


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