BACC114/BUS100: Business Research Proposal- Critical Analysis of Literature- Research Proposal Writing Assignment

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Research Proposal Writing Assignment:


A completed research proposal for your study is to be submitted with an introduction, the background information, a critical analysis of literature highlighting the problems in theory and motivation for your research. A developed research design with required resources, timeline for completing this project within 1 year as well as expected outcome/s of the study are required.
 Your research proposal should include the following headings to organise your document:
 Title of study 
The title should identify and succinctly convey the key research theme. 
An Abstract
 Summarise and articulate what your research is about, the problem, what the research aims and objectives/questions are, and how your thesis intends to address the problem. That is, indicate the ‘research design’ with expected theoretical and practical outcomes.
This is an overview of your proposed study: 
– establishing the context and significance of the research being conducted;
– summarising current understanding and background information about the topic;
– stating the purpose of the work in the form of research problem supported by a hypothesis or a set of questions;
– briefly explaining the methodological approach used to examine the research problem;
– highlighting the potential outcomes your study can reveal; and – outlining the structure of the document. 
Literature Review 
      *Include literature analysis but on different specific topic from Assessment One 
Research Design:
This is where you describe and justify your research design
– Identify your paradigm/philosophy; 
– Explain your choice of methodology, sampling technique, methods for collecting and analysing your research data to justify your choice of the above methods with evidence (references) as to why this is the best way to address your research question;
– Explain the scope/limitations of the research (eg: the particular group of people, organizations, industry, geographical sector, period of time);
– Discuss how you will address ethical issues if any; 
– Demonstrate that the study is feasible/doable (eg: you will have access to data, skills, any funding necessary and sufficient time).
 Note – All students need to take a cohesive approach when designing the research – The research problem should dictate the focus of your preliminary literature review and this in turn should lead to your research question(s) – Your methodology should be chosen to enable you to investigate your research question(s) and your methods should be selected from those associated with your research paradigm 
Expected Outcomes
The proposal stage you cannot describe your findings, so this section will briefly state the contribution expected from your study. • You need to provide an approximate timetable that takes into account the study period.

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