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Australian Taxation System:Article Review and Essay Writing Assignment

Internal Code: MAS526

Article Review and Essay Writing Assignment:


Part A:

Review Australian newspapers such as the West Australian, Financial Review, The Australian, Sunday Times and various others for articles on the area mentioned above. You need to find 10 newspaper articles which will be handed in with your assignment. The articles should be from 2015 or 2016 only.

Part B:

After reading newspapers and looking for the articles on the subject of GST and the debate being carried out in the public arena by both political parties, lobby groups and the general public, you should have started to develop your own view on GST reform. Some views may be that it is not unreasonable to raise the GST rate as compared to other OECD countries the Australian rate is very low, that broadening the tax base will make GST a simpler tax remembering that businesses are responsible for its collection and a more simply system will lessen their burden. Others may view it as that the GST rate should not be raised or the base broaden as it will cause more financial stress on some areas of the public, it may be the view that it is too much of a problem politically for a government to introduce changes to GST especially as we head into an election year ….. WHAT WILL YOUR VIEW BE? The requirements of the assignment for part two is to produce essay on your opinion of this topic which should be based on your findings from the Australian newspapers you have collected and any other research you may want to undertake, please do not just provide a detailed summary of the articles you have included in Part A.

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