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Australian Literature- Essay Writing

Internal Code: MAS5595


The examination paper will be posted to Interact by 9am Wed 18 October.

You will upload your completed paper to EASTS by 12midday Fri 20 October.

The examination should take around 3-4 hours. You will need to find a quiet, distraction-free environment (with a computer) for the period in which you wish to complete the examination.

Just because this is a take-home examination doesn't mean you shouldn't study. Preparation is vital. Reread texts; summarise lecture notes; mark up poems; annotate novels and short stories; and prepare essay plans on various topics (for examples see past papers).

The examination is open book, but please do not plagiarise. I will be submitting all examination papers to to check for plagiarism before I mark them.

The take-home examination will consist of three parts

Part 1 POETRY IN CONTEXT (9 marks):


  • Presented with THREE of the poems we have mentioned this session, students are to choose one poem and write a short discussion considering how the poem reflects its context of production and reception (or indeed, reacts against its context). How does the work fit into its period in Australian literature? (around 300-400 words)

Part 2 POETRY ESSAY (13 marks):

  • Students must write an essay on poetry. This will be a a general poetry question and you will need to examine at least THREE poems in your response (around 700-900 words). You may choose three poems from the one poet if you wish.

Part 3 PROSE ESSAY (13 marks):

  • Students must write an essay on prose. Here, students must examine either TWO of the novels set for study, or ONE novel and THREE of the short stories set for study. You may not answer on any of the texts you used in the research essay assignment on prose.

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